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Special Issue Theme: “Sustainable Development in Nigeria”


International Journal of Sustainable Development (ARC IJSD)
ISSN: 2384-5341 | Volume 12, Issue 2
Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal



International Academy Journal of Africa Development (ASA IAJAD)
Volume 7, Issue 2, ISSN: 2382-9038, August, 2019
Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal



International Journal of Sustainable Development (NIRA IJSD)
ISSN: 2713-4683. Volume 6, Issue 1. August, 2019
Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal



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Recent Publications

Strategic Flexibility and Operational Effectiveness of Oil Producing Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria, Emoh Chinedu Stanislous and A.D. Alagah

Housing Conditions and Socio-Economic Characteristics in Wulari Settlement, Maiduguri, Sa’adatu Lami Muazu, Hussein Mohammed Waksha and Mustapha Sadiq Abdallah

Effect of Electronic Banking on Small and Medium Scale Enterprise in Nigeria, Chidi L Atueyi, Prof. Gabriel C. Nkechukwu. Prof. Samuel M. Nzotta, Chineze J. Jacobs

E-Marketing and Growth Potentials for Medium Scale Enterprises (MSEs) in a Developing Economy, Adebayo I. Adio

Innovation and Organizational Resilience: A Study of Selected Small Scale Firms (SCFs) in Abuja Metropolis, Adebayo I. ADIO and Jamiyu A. IBRAHEEM

Reward Management and Employee Performance among Selected Financial Institutions in Ibadan Metropolis, Adebayo Isaac ADIO, Kayode Omololu AFOLABI and Omotayo Olusegun AKANO

Fecundability Estimation from a Survey Data in Borno State, Fati W. Usman, Aishatu Kaigama and Harun R. Bakari

Survival Analysis on HIV/AIDS Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment (A Case Study in University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital), Falmata Alhaji Mai, Fati Wali Usman, Mjigumtu Joseph Madubu, and Aishatu Kaigama

The Socio-Political and Economic Impact of Yam Production and Marketing on Urbanization in Sankera Area of Tiv Land, Central Nigeria: A Historical Materialistic Discourse, Dr. John-Jack, Iyorliam Gumh, Ph.D

A Developmental History of Yam Economy in Tiv Land of Central Nigeria, from the Pre-Colonial to the Post-Colonial Era, 1900-1970, Dr. John-Jack, Iyorliam Gumh, Ph.D

Compromise Conflict Management Style and its Impact on Organizational Health of Federal Agencies in Rivers State, Nigeria, Bamson, Dickson and Zeb-Obipi Isaac (Ph.D)

Collaboration Strategy and Organizational Health of Federal Agencies in Rivers State, Nigeria, Bamson, Dickson and Gabriel, Justin (Ph.D)

Influence of Irrigation Intervals and Sheep Dung Rate on Growth and Yield of Cabbage in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Goni M., Maigana G., Ali M., Babagana M.G., Akwarandu K.E., Alaji D.G. and Ahmed S.B.

Developing Indigenous Technology for Sustainability in the Manufacturing Sector of Nigeria, Zion Alaso Diboye-Suku and Benedict Chima Onuoha (Ph.D)

Determinants of Capital Structure in Listed Insurance Companies in Nigeria, Mohammed Hamidu, Babagana Abba Usman Mohammed Aklehyel, Abba Ashigar and Isa Abba Isa

Design and Analysis of a Cellphone Detector, Bukar Baba Aji (PhD), Adam Bababe Bukar, Muhammad Alkali Abbo and Tijani B. Ngajia

Early Growth Performance of African Breadfruit (Treculia africana Decne) as Influenced by Shade and Fertilizer, AMOSU S.A, AKINYEMI S.O.S, and OLABODE I.A

Assessment of the Efficacy of Benford’s Law in Detecting Payroll Fraud in Borno State, Nigeria, Mohammed Bukar Kauji and Babagana Mustapha

Influence of Flow Rate and Hydraulic Head on Performance Evaluation of Micro -Drip Irrigation using Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) in Maiduguri semi-arid region of Borno StateBukar M., Arku A.Y., Dibal J.M., Bunu M. and Mustapha B.

Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Sensor Sliding Door, Tijani B. Ngajia, Adam Bababe Bukar, Kalli, B. Mai and Abubakar Mustapha Kura

Reliability Analysis of Power Distribution System (A Case Study of Yola Electricity Distribution Company, Yerwa Business Unit, Nigeria), Muhammad Alkali Abbo, Baba Musa Abbagoni (PhD), Kalli, B. Mai and Tijani B. Ngajia

Effects of Oxytetracycline as a Growth Promoter and its Concentration on Carcass of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822) in Maiduguri, Mohammed, Z.B., Suleiman, S.B., Ibrahim, Y., Mustapha, H. and Wuroma, Z.M.

Machine Learning System for Detection and Classification of Some Diseases in Selected Plants, Usman, Ali., Dr. Joshua Abah., Falmta B. Wakil., Kalli, B. Mai

Solution of One Dimensional Heat Equation Using Residue Theory, E.S Uba, M.B. Grema and Falmata Alhaji Mai

Online Educational System (e- learning), Haruna Ibrahim Saleh, Falmata Alhaji Mai and Grema, M. B.

Sustainability and Efficiency of Data Security in Cloud Computing. A Review, Muhammad Moruma Lawan, Bukar Baba Aji (PhD), Muhammad Alkali Abbo and Abubakar Mustapha Kura

Design and Implementation of Customized Enhanced Patient Calling Device Using PIC Microcontrollers, Falmata B. Wakil, Usman Ali, Dr. Abdulfattah, A. Aboaba and Tijani, Bura, Ngajia

Evaluation of Primary School Cultural and Creative Arts Curriculum Implementation in Universal Basic Education in Rivers State, Jenewari, Evelyn Tada and Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley

Re-Considering the Ogoni Indigenous Oath-Taking: A Step beyond Amnesty, Deezia BuraBari Sunday and Grace Lawrence-Hart

Innovative Approaches in Teaching Chemistry in Digital Era at Secondary School Level in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects, Amina Aminu

Design of Intelligent Vehicle Traffic Control System and Speed Management, Muhammad Alkali Abbo, Bukar Baba Aji, Baba Musa Abbagoni and Muhammad Moruma Lawan

Sustainable Influence on Tidal Lowland Crop Farming: A Research Strategy, Usman, M.I., Haruna Yahaya Rawayau, Tahir Dalorima Lawan and Ibrahim Shettima Dalatu

Design of Electronic Financial Transaction Using European ITS Framework Architecture (FRAME),  Bukar Baba Aji (Ph.D.), Baba Musa Abbagoni (Ph.D.), Muhammad Alkali Abbo and Muhammad Moruma Lawan

A Review of Mathematical Modelling of Thin-Layer Sun Drying of Agricultural Products, Kauji, A.M., Shittu, S.K. and Bawu, B.M.

Promotion Strategies and Customer Patronage: A Study of Selected Business Schools in South East, Enidom, Tochukwu H., Mojekeh, Micheal O. (Ph.D.) and Prof. Nwaizugbo, Ireneus C.

Potentials of Nanoparticles for Soil and Water Remediation (A Review), Isa, B., Adam, H.B., Usman, Y.M. and Abdulrahaman, F.

Evaluation of Heavy Metals Contamination in Solid Waste Compost in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Usman, Y.M., Idi, M.D., Isa, B., and Adam, H.B.

Bayessian Regression Technique For Modeling Multicolinear Data, Danyaro, M.L.; Mohammed, A. Zakar; Mohammed Audu; and Bagare, S.A.

Evaluation of the Relationship between Corporate Growth and Shareholders’ Value of Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria (2008-2017), Udeh Sergius Nwannebuike, Ojobor, Jacinta Ifeanyi and Ngwoke Ogechukwu Maria

Determination and Health Implications of Heavy Metals on the Clothes of Mechanics in Buzaye Automobile Village, Sokoto, Garba Sani, Dankane B. Ibrahim, Aisha A. Usman and Alhassan Yahaya

Impact of Waterfront Site and Service Schemes on Land Values in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Oba, Peter T. S. and Awolaja, Kunle G.

Parenting Styles and Self-Esteem of Junior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, ACHI, Jane Ngozi & EREMIE, Maxwell D.

Integrating Nitrogen Fertilizer and Green Manure for Sorghum Production (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) on Striga (Striga hermonthica Del. Benth) Infested Field at Katsina in the Sudan Savanna of Nigeria, R. Abdullahi, N.C. Kuchinda, D. B. Ishaya and M. Mahadi

Response of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Variety to Nitrogen, Cassia Green Manure and Cowdung Rates and on Striga (Striga hermonthica Del. Benth) Infested Field at Samaru in Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria, R. Abdullahi, N.C. Kuchinda, D. B. Ishaya and M. Mahadi

Evaluating the Contributions of Some Growth and Yield Components of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolo L. moench) to Grain Yield at Samaru, Nigeria , R. Abdullahi, Y. R. Haruna, S. M. Lawal, A. Ibrahim and A. I. Hadeja

Functionality of Post Occupancy Evaluation as a Measure for Performance in Public School Buildings, Nkpite, Bari-ene Samuel, Deeyah, Christopher L., Kpunpamo, Owanate.B, Kpalap,Elgior M and Sani, Kuzayet S.

Effects of Locational Infrastructural Facilities on Residential Property Value in Bori, Rivers State, Deeyah, Christopher L., Kpalap,Elgior M., Kpunpamo Owanate B., Igbara Simeon A. and West, Tamunomiete

The Influencing Factors of Urban Slum in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Baadom Livinus E., West, Tamunomiete and Needam, Yiinu B.

The Role of Spatial Location in Office Rental Values in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Baadom, Livinus E. and Oba, Peter T.S.

The Challenges of Creativity in Art Practice in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria, Nwombu, Ugochukwu Kingsley

Managerial Competence and Sustainability of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in Rivers State, Nigeria, Zion Alaso Diboye-Suku and Benedict Chima Onuoha

External Debt on Human Capital Development in Nigeria (1986-2017), Atueyi Chidi Leonard

The Influence of Awareness on Electrical Threats and Protection Measures among Electricity Users in Maiduguri Metropolis of Borno State, Nigeria, Babagana D. Maikale, Muhammad A. Abbo Hajja I. Usman and Moruma M. Lawan

Performance Evaluation of Downdraft Gasifier Using Two Agri-Waste in Semi-Arid Region of Maiduguri, Nigeria, Abubakar A.B., Bunu M. Modu M. Tijjani and Sadiq A. Goni

Design of Integrated ITS Solution Supporting Policing/Enforcing Traffic Regulations System, Modu, M. Tijjani; Sadiq, A. Goni; Falmata, B. Wakil and Babagana, D. Maikele

Capital Account Liberalization and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1986 -2017), Amamchukwu, Blessing Onyinye and Igbodika, Maryann N.

The Declining Quality of Education in Nigeria as it Affects the Enterprise Manager, Chukwudi Diego Eziokwu and E. Amah Ph.D.

Emerging Trends in Nigeria’s National Security: An Appraisal, Dr Orkar, Oryina Michael-David and Shaminja, Tersoo Solomon

Influence of School Adherence to Quality Control Measures in Terms of Provision of Instructional Infrastructure and Facilities on Teachers' Performance in Calabar Cross River State, Nigeria, Uduak Edet Uwe and Inyang Atim Enyeokpon

Growth and Yield of Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) as Influenced by Poultry Manure Rates and Variety in Sudan Savanna, Nigeria, A. M. Shehu, T. T. Bello, Y. R. Haruna, R. Abdullahi, A. Ibrahim and S. M. Lawal

Enhancing Urban Planning and Management through the Application of Geographic Information Technology for Economic Transformation, Baadom, Livinus E., Deeyah, Christopher L.,West, Tamunomiete and Uebari, Sunday L.

Application of Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management (ISSWM) Approach in Waste Management for Economic Transformation of Port Harcourt, Deeyah Christopher L., Baadom Livinus E., Uebari, Sunday L. and West Tamunomiete

Property Rating as a Veritable Source for Repositioning Local Government Revenue in Nigeria, Deeyah, Christopher L., Sani, Kuzayet, S. and Kpunpamo, Owanate B.

End-User’s Assessment of Building Facilities Provided in Public Primary Schools in Nigeria, Nkpite, Bari-ene S., Deeyah, Christopher L, Kpakol, Elgior M., Igbara Simeon A. and Oba peter T. S.

Effect of Globalization on Growth and Development of Capital Market in Nigeria, Onyimba Roseline Chizoba, Nwokediuko Joachin N. and Evelyn Bassey Ewah

The Socio-Cultural Significance of Polygamy in Africa, Grace Lawrence-Hart

Socio-Cultural Practices in Ikwerre Land and its Implication for the Scourge of HIV/AIDS, Grace Lawrence-Hart

Influence of Flow Rate and Hydraulic Head on Performance Evaluation of Micro -Drip Irrigation using Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) in Maiduguri semi-arid region of Borno StateBukar M., Arku A.Y., Dibal J.M., Bunu M. and Mustapha B.

Influence of Organic Materials on Crop Evapotranspiration and the Yield of Sorghum Crop in Semi-Arid Region of Borno State, Alkali M., Ali M., Zannah A.K.M., Liman Y.M. and Mustapha B.

Determination of Relationship between Growth Characteristics and Seed Yield of Sesame (Sesamumindicum L.) in Sokoto, Nigeria, Dalatu I.S., Mohammed B., and Umar A.

Fostering a knowledge-based Economy via Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Panacea to Economic Recession in Nigeria, Aime Tile Emmanuel, Terver Udu and Susan Erdoo Yakubu

Human Capital Investment and Economic Growth in Nigeria: an Empirical Approach, Agbarakwe, Wilson Chimezie

Foreign Direct Investment and Manufacturing Output in Nigeria: Empirical Evidence from VECM Model, Agbarakwe, Wilson Chimezie

Determinant of Investment in Nigeria: An Econometric Analysis, Agbarakwe, Wilson Chimezie

Strategies for Identifying and Motivating Potential Entrepreneurs in Public Secondary Schools in Abia State, Gaius-Okeh, Happiness Adanneya, Obeka, C.E. and Okey-Colbert, Ezinne Ugo

An Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Corporate Tax on Private Sector Investment and Economic Development in Nigeria, Agbarakwe, Wilson Chimezie

Assessment of the Development of a Medium Scale Waste Polythene Recycling Plant in Maiduguri; Generation, Recovery and Recycling, Sahabo Abubakar and Usman Ibrahim

Entrepreneurship on Economic Sustainability in South-East Nigeria, Jacobs, Chineze J.

Stock Market Capitalization and Pension Fund Assets’ Perspectives of Financial Deepening in Nigeria (1981-2016), Udeh Sergius Nwannebuike and Igwebuike Evangeline Chidimma

A Critical Analysis of Social Networking and its Influence on Undergraduates’ Reading Habit, Mbamalu, Basilia Oge and Onyido, Janefrances O.

Examination of the Weak Form Market Efficiency Using Daily Stock Returns in Five Europeans Stock Markets: China, France, Germany, UK and USA, Samuel Dame and Philemon Mide

Assessing Access to Land and Housing in Maiduguri, Borno State, Abdullahi Babagana, Mohammed Danladi, Bashir Adamu Gambo and Sa’adatu Aminu

An Assessment of Access to Basic Urban Services in Maiduguri, Borno State, Abdullahi Babagana, Mohammed Danladi, Bashir Adamu Gambo and Sa’adatu Aminu   

Analysis of Educators’ Concerns about Pausity of Instructional Aids for the Teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools: The Way Forward, Cecilia Uzoamaka Okeke

Enriching Benefits of Improvisation of Instructional Materials for Biology Teachers and Students, Cecilia Uzoamaka Okeke

Integrated Approach to the Teaching of Social Studies at Basic Education Level, Mbamalu, Basillia

Availability and Application of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure, and Academic Performance of Public and Private Secondary School, Chemistry Students in Calabar, Nja Cecilia O. and Idiege Kimson J.

Impact of Capital Budgeting Techniques in Project Evaluation (A Case Study of Borno State Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Maiduguri Nigeria, Mohammed Hamidu, M.B. Grema, Ali U. Mamuda, H.I. Saleh and Isa Abba Isa

Review of the Rotor Position and Speed Estimation Method of Induction Motor Drives, Musa BabaLawan, Ya’u A. Samaila, Ibrahim Tijjani, Musa Mustapha and Musa A. Sarki

Effect of Financial Inclusion on Small and Medium Scale Enterprise in Nigeria, Atueyi Chidi L., Nkechukwu, G.C. (P.hD) and Jacobs Chineze J.

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Models: A Study of ATM Users, Ikechi Ann & Otobo, Perearau

Customer Retention Strategies and Business Performance: A Survey of Selected Retail Chain Stores in South-South, Nigeria, ASAGBA Samuel, COKER Preye Robert and OKWUDU A. Andrew

Impact of Human Capital Development on Economic Sustainability in Nigeria, Chinelo P. Ohanyere, Chidi L. Atueyi and Ibekwe Angela O.

Effect of Financial Regulation on Economic Growth in Nigeria, Nwokediuko, Obiora K., Ikeora, J.J.E. (P.hD) and Atueyi Chidi L.

Influence of Varying Rates of Chicken Manure on the Growth and Yield Attributes of Amaranths (Amaranthus Cruentus) in Sudan Savanna Nigeria, Abdullahi R., Haruna Y. R., Ibrahim A., Lawal S. M.

Physicochemical Analysis of Some Sachet Water Samples Available in Maiduguri, Borno State, B. U. A. Mustapha, S. A. Kyari, M. M. Mahmud and Z. A. Turajo

Effects of Capital Structure on Financial Performance of Food and Beverage Companies in Nigeria (2007-2016), Ngwoke Ogechukwu Maria and Sergius Nwannebuike Udeh

Fulani Herdsmen Carnage in Nigeria: Implications for National Cohesion, Kalu, Ifeanyichukwu Innocent and Alum, Charity

Effects of Financial Deepening on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1981-2016), Igwebuike Evangeline Chidimma, Udeh Sergius Nwannebuike and Okonkwo, Oluchi Martha-Lucia

Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization, Its Time of Application and Intra - Row Spacing on the Yield of Extra Early Maize in the Sudan Savanna, Nigeria, Khalid A. Mohamed, Musa M. Usman and Shihab El deen E. Hassan

Corporate Board Characteristics and Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) Performance in Nigeria for the period 2008-2017, Nwanne, T.F.I. Ph.D and Okonkwo, E.J.

Effect of Workforce Diversity on the Competitiveness of Nigerian Bottling Company South East, Nigeria, Eze, Festus.C, Ph.D., Okonkwo, Oluchi M.L. and Igwebuike, Evangeline Chidimm

A Secured Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Q-Learning, Fagbohunmi Griffin Siji and Eneh, I. I.

Insurgency and Public Service Delivery in Nigeria: A Critique of Boko Haram, Ogbonnaya, Dorcas C.

Psychological Testing in Schools with Counselling Implications, Ndimele, Stanley Chimezie and Dr. Eremie, D. Maxwell

Understanding the Basic Problems of Consumers in Automated Teller Machines, Electronic Money Transfer and E-Commerce, Dr. D.A. Akhabue

Regulatory Framework for Consumers of Telecommunication Services in Nigeria, Dr. D.A. Akhabue

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC): Issues, Challenges and Policy Prescriptions, Dr. D.A. Akhabue

Impact of Dividend Policy on Corporate Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis Amaramiro, Francis N. and Dr. Raymond Njoku

The Effect of Marketing Strategies on Entrepreneurial Development in Imo State, Okwara C.C., Uhagiro Lucky Chinedu,2 Akamere F.A.C., Mbaeri, C. C. and Onyeme Linus N.

Effect of Packaging Materials on Storage Stability of Locally Processed Tomato Paste, Dalatu, I.S., Usman, M.I., and Abba, B.S.

Regional Integration and Challenges in Africa, Ifegwu Livingrich EZEIKPE, Eke Awo UDUMA and Jonathan O. OKERE, Ph.D

The Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing on the Growth of Firms in Abia State, Okwara C.C. , Iwuoha Ben C and Uhagiro Lucky Chinedu

Development of Mineral Blocks for Sheep in Semi-Arid Area of Borno State, Nigeria, Marte, A.M., I. D. Mohammed, T. A. Jibrin and Jibril A.J.

Marketing Practices for Successful Entrepreneurship, Okwara C. C., Akamere, F. A. C. and Mbaeri C. C.

The Effect of Relationship Marketing on the Sales Performance of Firms in Imo State, Okwara C. C. and Iwuoha Ben C.

Marketing and Collective Bargaining (A Case of Ekeonunwa Market Douglas, and the Government of Imo State), Okwara C. C. and Iwuoha Ben C.

Effect of Number of ULV Application of Neem Seed Oil on the Incidence of Cercospora Leaf Spot and Seed Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annum (L.)), Modu, K. A., Bukar, A., Shehu, I. B. and Yakaka, K. M.

Determinants of Market Participation among Women Soybean Farmers in Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria, Alkali, H.M., Umar, A.S.S. and Nkeki, K.

Application of Residue Calculus on Second Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equation, M.B. Grema, Fati W. Usman, Falmata A. Mai and H.I. Saleh

Maize Crop Production Constraint in Coastal Soil of Terengganu Region, Malaysia, Usman, M. I. and Ibrahim S. D.

Balanced Scorecard and Employee Productivity of Civil Servants in Rivers State, Nigeria, Obichere, Stanley Chijioke and B. Chima Onuoha

Organizational Internal Factor and Corporate Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Firms in Rivers State, Ogundu, Vanessa Onyeka and Amah Edwinah (Ph.D)

Boko Haram Insurgency: Implications for Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Development, Kalu, Ifeanyichukwu Innocent Ph.D and Otobo, Perearau

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Employment Generation in Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Kalapapa Benjamin Dappa and Benedict Chima Onuoha, Ph.D

Corporate Strategies and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in a Competitive Business Environment, Kalapapa Benjamin Dappa and Benedict Chima Onuoha, Ph.D

The Changing Nature of Civilian –Military Relations in Nigeria, 1967-2017, John Dankaro

 Achieving Organizational Performance through Proper Human Resource Planning, Nwata Ulunwa Philip and Ike, Chukwunyere Ikechi

Political Uncertainties and Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMES): Rivers State Experience, Chukwudi Diego Eziokwu and B. Chima Onuoha Ph.D

Impact of Chinese Investments on Trade Development: Nigeria in Perspective, Agadah Mienpre and B. Chima Onuoha

Strategic Agility and Organizational Resilience of Food and Beverage Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria, Emmanuel Aziegbe Akhigbe and B. Chima Onuoha

Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Agility of Manufacturing Firms in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Johnson Aliji Okuwa and Prof. B.C. Onuoha

Workplace Inclusion and Employee Innovativeness of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State, Amaka Ijeoma Obalum and Edwinah Amah

The Chinese-Nigerian Currency Swap Deal: Implication for SMES’ Growth in Nigeria, Obalum Amaka Ijeoma and B. Chima Onuoha Ph.D

Managerial Resilience and Organizational Effectiveness of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State, Akpan, Ekeabasi Charles and Alagah A.D. (PhD)

Strategic Management and Workplace Diversity of Selected Banks in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Onyokoko, Innocent Okpako and Prof. B.C. Onuoha

Effect of Indulgent Classroom Management System on Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu, Ben Etim Udoh and Blessing Chineme Okoro

Effect of Authoritative Classroom Management Style on Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu, Blessing Chineme Okoro and Ozomadu Eric A.

Nexus of Permissive Classroom Management Style and Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu`, Blessing Anukaenyi and Blessing Chineme Okoro

Knowledge Gap: A Frontiers for Knowledge Exp

Knowledge Gap: A Frontiers for Knowledge Expansion, Osayande Lucky Andrew and Christopher Akpotu

RATERC Model and ATM Repeat Use: A ServPerf Perspective, Ikechi Ann & Chiyem Okorie

Knowledge Management and Sustainability of Small Business Competitiveness in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, Obuba Obinna Kalu and B. Chima Onuoha Ph.D

Igbo Cultural Values and the Effect of Globalization: A Critical Analysis, Joannes Asikaogu

Impact of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) on Foreign Direct Investment Drive (FD1) in Nigeria (A Case Study of Nigeria Stock Exchange NSE) Branch Port Harcourt), Chibiko, Jonathan Nzube and Azojiri, Emmanuel

Problems of Adoption and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Nigeria: A Study of Selected Banks in Umuahia, Chibiko, Jonathan Nzube and Azojiri, Emmanuel

Fostering Economic Growth and Development in Nigerian Economy through Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Education, Chukwu Doris Chinwe

University Education and Economic Diversification in Nigeria, Olunkwa, Uchechukwu C. & Nwokolo, Henrietta

Reward Management Strategies in Nigerian Work Environment: A Conceptual Model, Biranen, Henry; Anwuri, Patience Nwakaego Ph.D, & Oshi, Joseph E. O.

Succession Planning and Organizational Survival, Baba Arome Samuel and Dr. Edwinah Amah

Implication of Product Proliferation Strategy on the Growth of Organizations in a Recessed Economy: A Study of Selected Consumable-Goods Firms in Nigeria, Solomon Olawale Farayola and Bamidele Sodiq Adeleke

Does Product Innovation Strategy Bolster Competitive Edge in the Nigerian Fast-Moving-Consumable-Goods (FMCG) Industry?, Solomon Olawale Farayola and Bamidele Sodiq Adeleke

Effects of Drying Methods on Proximate Compositions of Clarias gariepinus and Oreochromis niloticus in the Semiarid zone of Nigeria, Hassan, M., Kudirat, Y. T., Gadaka, Y. M., Ali, M., Yagana, A.

Workforce Diversity and Organisational Survival of Manufacturing Firms in Rivers State, Joy Onyinye Paul and Continue .A. Eketu

Workplace Spirituality and Employee Affective Commitment in the Public Health Sector of Rivers State, Oshi, Joseph E. O. and Okeke, M. N. Ph.D

ATM Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Study of First Bank of Nigeria Plc and Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Ikechi, A.; Robinson, J.C. and Emelike, N.O.

Financial Service Pricing and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Nigeria, Okocha, Aleruchi, Oshi, Joseph E. O. and Ezemedolu, Chigozie Charles

Effect of ATM Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Selected Banks in Abia State, Ikechi, A.; Robinson, J.C. and Emelike, Ndubueze O.

Growth Performance, Carcass and Haematological Characteristics of Broiler Chickens Fed Toasted Sorrel Seed Meal as Replacement for Soybean Meal, Ubua, J.A., Ozung, P.O.* & Aboluja, B.A.

Development of E-Banking, its Benefits and Challenges in the Nigerian Banking Industry, Duru Georgr Chukwudi and Edwinah Amah

Cross-Cultural Barriers and Survival of Multinational Enterprise (MNEs) in Nigeria, Amaka Ijeoma Obalum and Edwinah Amah

Dynamic Capability and Entrepreneurial Growth in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Port Harcourt, Okocha Belemenanya Friday and Edwinah Amah

Poverty, Inequality and the Effects on Nation Building Processes in Nigeria, John Dankaro B.A History, M.A History

Work Reengineering and Organizational Effectiveness on Manufacturing Firms, Agadah Mienipre and Dr. Edwinah Amah

Trade Barriers and the Growth of Local Industries in Nigeria, Engr. Aka-Wolugbom, Azunwene Levi and Dr. Edwinah Amah

The Role of Diplomacy in an Enduring Vocational Polytechnic Education to Nation Building: A Historical Imperative, Solomon A. Ikunga, Ph.D and Abiobio, Philip H.

The Challenging Contemporary Issues against Church Growth in Nigeria: Implication on Poor Disciple Ship: A Diplomatic Historical Imperative, Solomon A. Ikunga, Ph.D and Abiobio, Philip H.

Cultural and Historical Sites and its Significance for Tourism Product: The Need for Geospatial Analysis, Grace Lawrence-Hart, PhD and Lawrence Hart, PhD

Can Structure-strategy Nexus Impact on Corporate Performance? An Investigation of Selected Banking Organizations in Nigeria, Bamidele S. Adeleke & Chinedu K. Odebeatu

The Interrogating Role of Iwhuruohna in Rivers State during the Nigerian Civil War 1967 – 1970: A Historical Imperative, Solomon A. Ikunga, Ph.D

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