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Pedagogical Skills Needs of Motor Vehicle Mechanics Work Teachers for Effective Content Delivery in Government Science and Technical Colleges in Adamawa and Taraba States Stephen Z. Kumazhege, Yusuf Andy Obadiah and Yelwa Aliyu

Effects of Product and Process Approaches on SS 11 Students’ Achievement in Essay Writing in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria NAGA, Doofan Joyce, Prof. (Mrs) O. O. Olukunle and Dr. (Mrs.) C. D. S. Vande-Gum

Strategic Planning and Performance of Coca-Cola PLC Makurdi Depot Benue State Nigeria NAJIME, A. E., UCHERWUHE, S.I. & AKORGA, M.C.

Bank Loan Effect on Marketing Efficiency of Entrepreneurs in Abia State, Nigeria Uwaoma Ugochukwu G. A.

Strategic Role and Benefit of Microbiomes in Agriculture Glory Ewere CHUKWUKA

Lecturers’ Ethical Conduct and Effective School Administration in Public Universities in Rivers State Dr. S.E. Weli & OKAH, Tinu Uwuma

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Effect of Packaging Materials on Storage Stability of Locally Processed Tomato Paste, Dalatu, I.S., Usman, M.I., and Abba, B.S.

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Marketing Practices for Successful Entrepreneurship, Okwara C. C., Akamere, F. A. C. and Mbaeri C. C.

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Marketing and Collective Bargaining (A Case of Ekeonunwa Market Douglas, and the Government of Imo State), Okwara C. C. and Iwuoha Ben C.

Effect of Number of ULV Application of Neem Seed Oil on the Incidence of Cercospora Leaf Spot and Seed Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annum (L.)), Modu, K. A., Bukar, A., Shehu, I. B. and Yakaka, K. M.

Determinants of Market Participation among Women Soybean Farmers in Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria, Alkali, H.M., Umar, A.S.S. and Nkeki, K.

Application of Residue Calculus on Second Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equation, M.B. Grema, Fati W. Usman, Falmata A. Mai and H.I. Saleh

Maize Crop Production Constraint in Coastal Soil of Terengganu Region, Malaysia, Usman, M. I. and Ibrahim S. D.

Balanced Scorecard and Employee Productivity of Civil Servants in Rivers State, Nigeria, Obichere, Stanley Chijioke and B. Chima Onuoha

Organizational Internal Factor and Corporate Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Firms in Rivers State, Ogundu, Vanessa Onyeka and Amah Edwinah (Ph.D)

Boko Haram Insurgency: Implications for Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Development, Kalu, Ifeanyichukwu Innocent Ph.D and Otobo, Perearau

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Employment Generation in Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Kalapapa Benjamin Dappa and Benedict Chima Onuoha, Ph.D

Corporate Strategies and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in a Competitive Business Environment, Kalapapa Benjamin Dappa and Benedict Chima Onuoha, Ph.D

Achieving Organizational Performance through Proper Human Resource Planning, Nwata Ulunwa Philip and Ike, Chukwunyere Ikechi

Political Uncertainties and Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMES): Rivers State Experience, Chukwudi Diego Eziokwu and B. Chima Onuoha Ph.D

Impact of Chinese Investments on Trade Development: Nigeria in Perspective, Agadah Mienpre and B. Chima Onuoha

Strategic Agility and Organizational Resilience of Food and Beverage Firms in Rivers State, Nigeria, Emmanuel Aziegbe Akhigbe and B. Chima Onuoha

Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Agility of Manufacturing Firms in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Johnson Aliji Okuwa and Prof. B.C. Onuoha

Workplace Inclusion and Employee Innovativeness of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State, Amaka Ijeoma Obalum and Edwinah Amah

The Chinese-Nigerian Currency Swap Deal: Implication for SMES’ Growth in Nigeria, Obalum Amaka Ijeoma and B. Chima Onuoha Ph.D

Managerial Resilience and Organizational Effectiveness of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State, Akpan, Ekeabasi Charles and Alagah A.D. (PhD)

Strategic Management and Workplace Diversity of Selected Banks in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Onyokoko, Innocent Okpako and Prof. B.C. Onuoha

Effect of Indulgent Classroom Management System on Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu, Ben Etim Udoh and Blessing Chineme Okoro

Effect of Authoritative Classroom Management Style on Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu, Blessing Chineme Okoro and Ozomadu Eric A.

Nexus of Permissive Classroom Management Style and Performance of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Imo State, Chinyere Vitalian Achonu`, Blessing Anukaenyi and Blessing Chineme Okoro

Knowledge Gap: A Frontiers for Knowledge Expansion, Osayande Lucky Andrew and Christopher Akpotu

Effect of Environmental Concerns on Crisis Management of Agribusiness Companies in Benue State, Ogidi, A.E. and Tondo, D.T.

Assessing the Role of Infrastructure on Crisis Management by Agribusiness Companies in Benue State, Armstrong Emmanuel Ogidi

Intrapreneurship and Productivity of Companies, Ekeh, Ojotu Loveday and Armstrong Emmanuel Ogidi

RATERC Model and ATM Repeat Use: A ServPerf Perspective, Ikechi Ann & Chiyem Okorie

 The Early Tussle for Linguistic Supremacy between the British English and the American English. A Historical Overview, Attabor, Ocheja Theophilus   

The Cross-Pollination Hypothesis of English Language Variety, Attabor, Ocheja Theophilus

Agricultural Value chain Training Needs of Front-line Extension Professionals in Imo State, Nigeria, Chikaire, J.U., Oparaojiaku, J.O. and Chikezie, N.P.

Identification of Land Tenure and Rights Issues Causing Resource Use Conflicts in Southeast Nigeria, Chikaire, J.U., Oparaojiaku, J.O. and Chikezie, N.P.

Climate Change Adaptation Needs/Priorities of Rural Women Farmers in Flood Plain Areas of Owerri Agricultural Zone of Imo State, Nigeria, Chikaire, J.U., Chikezie, N.P. and Oparaojiaku, J.O.

Agricultural Lecturers Perception of Agri-preneurship Education as a Poverty Reduction and Self-employment Strategy for Graduates in Imo State, Nigeria, Chikaire, J.U., Chikezie, N.P. and Oparaojiaku, J.O.

Design and Simulation of an Electronic Tutor for Nursery School Children, Amannah, Constance Izuchukwu and Ukwosa, Earnest

Revamping Counselling in Basic Education: Implications for Functional Education in Nigeria, Dr (Mrs.) Ihedioha, L.N. and Prof. Ituen, S.A.U.

Educational Resource Centre as a Means of Providing Appropriate Learning Experiences in the Universal Basic Education Programme, Owuamanam, Catherine Nkechinyere (Ph.D)

Marketing Orientation, a Tool for Risk and Complexity Management in the Global Market, Okwara C.C., Nkwocha C.A. and Onyeme Linus |N.

Teaching Handicrafts at the Basic Education Level for Sustainable Community Development, Vera Idaresit Akpan

Development of Software Tool for Effective Data Security, Amannah, Constance Izuchukwu and Igwela, Jennifer N.

Potential Development Patterns and Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Success among Nigerian University Undergraduates, Ogidi, Armstrong Emmanuel and Umar Adamu Haruna

Boko Haram and Human Rights Violation in Nigeria, Fineface I. Ogoloma, Ph.D and Beatrice Nyege Sampson

Interactive Drama and Good Governance in Nigeria: An Appraisal of the Egume Project,Sunday Ogbu Igbaba

Massification and Quality Assurance in Theatre Arts Education: A Survey of Tertiary Institutions in North Central Nigeria, Sunday Williams Onogu (PhD) and Sunday Ogbu Igbaba

Influence of Technological Forces on Production/operations Management of Agribusiness Firms in Nigeria, Ogidi, Armstrong E. and Tondo, D.T.

Socio-economic Characteristics of Goat Marketers in Benue State, Nigeria, Okewu, J. and Iheanacho, A.C.

Conflict Resolution and Adherence to the Rules of International Law: A Case Study of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD and Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, M.Sc, PhD

The Protection of Children’s Right under International Human Rights Law: An Analysis, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD and Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, M.Sc, PhD

Economic and Political Insecurity in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD

The Impact of Children Education and Marital Adjustment in Nigeria, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD

Strategies for Peaceful Resolution of the Israel‐Palestinian Conflict: Political and Historical Perspectives, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD

Combating Violence and Security Threats in Nigeria: A Legal Examination of the Terrorism Act, 2011, Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, PhD

Conflict Resolution Strategies in Africa: A Case Study of the Somalian Conflict, 1960‐2010, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD and Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, PhD

Promotion of the Human Rights under the European System: A Comparative Analysis, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD and Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, M.Sc, PhD

Protection of Women and Children’s Right under International Human Rights Law, Grace Malachi Brown, PhD and Malachi Elisha Brown, LL.M, M.Sc, PhD

Anti-corruption Organs and the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria,Grace Malachi Brown (Ph.D.)

The Social Media and Conflict Resolution, Fineface Ogoloma Iroka, Ph.D

Effects of Feeding Frequency on Growth and Feed Efficiency of Rearing African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus, Burchell 1822) Fingerlings, Lawan I., Hassan, M., Yusuf A.

Effects of Water Melon (Citrullus Lanatus) on Growth Performance of Oreochromis Niloticus Fingerlings as a Replacement for Soybean Meal, Hassan M., Modu M. B., Mohammed A. A.

Examining the Nexus of Corruption, Economic Growth and Poverty in the Democratic Governance of Nigeria, Okoh, Augustine I. Sadiq

Profitability in Rice Marketing along the Marketing Channel in Benue State of Nigeria, Tondo, D.T. and Iheanacho, A.C.

Examining Parent’s Marital Adjustment and Children’s Social Behaviour in Nigerian Secondary Schools, Grace Malachi Brown (Ph.D.)

An Empirical Assessment of Loanable Funds Market in Nigeria (2001 – 2015), Emmanuel tile Aime and Ahmed Aliyu Aliyu Tanko

Evaluation of Economic Indicators on Gross Domestic Product, Abdulazeez, K.A., Lasisi, K.E. and Lintima, B.L.

The Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) and Nigerian Capital Market Development: Empirical EvidenceAime Tile Emmanuel

Effect of Promotional Mix Elements on Market Shares of Milk Marketers in Abia State, Nigeria, Uwaoma, Ugochukwu G. Abraham and Emeh, Prince Chinenye

Marketing Mix Concept: Blending the Variables to Suit the Contemporary MarketersIkechi, Ann, Emeh Prince Chinenye and Okorie Chiyem