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Manuscript Preparation Guidelines   

Authors should submit papers with the following formats, but depending on the type of article and subject covered some parts may not be necessary. For now we only accept articles written in English.

The TITLE page should contain the title of the article, name(s), qualification(s), status/ranks and affiliation of the author(s). ABSTRACT: the abstract should not be more than 250 words. KEY WORDS: key words should not be more than 6 words. INTRODUCTION: this is different from the abstract in that it – sets the stage – for the content of the article rather than telling the reader what it is about. MAIN BODY: you could incorporate subtitle, artwork, photos, tables, figures, etc. CONCLUSION: this is the assessment of results or restatement of points in introduction. REFERENCES: the reference standard is the current APA style form of referencing. Manuscript should not be more than 6000 words.


ARCN Journals format

  1. Margin: Top (1), Bottom Left (1), Right (1) Left (1)
  2. Paper Size: A4
  3. Layout: Header (0.79), Footer (0.79)
  4. Main Body: Font Size (12), Text Align (Justify), Line Space: (2)
  5. Title: Font Size (16), Text (Bold), Align (Center)
  6. Authors Name: Font Size (14), Text Align (Center)
  7. Authors Affiliation: Font Size (12), Text Align (Center)
  8. Abstract & Keywords: Font Size (12), Text Align (Justify), Line Space (1)
  9. Main Headings: Font Size (14), Text Align Capitalization (Upper Case for Each Word), Text (Bold)
  10. Sub Headings: Font Size (12), Capitalization (Sentence Case), Text (Bold)
  11. Text: Times New Roman
  12. Reference: Size (12), Text Align (Justify), Line Space (1)